More hygiene, comfort and safety –
Innovative thin-film technologies for medical
technology products and sanitary articles

With expert knowledge and advanced technologies, we meet the high demands of medical technology in terms of hygiene, comfort, safety and decoration. We offer a wide range of application areas and solutions that decisively improve medical technology products such as diagnostic instruments and therapeutic devices. In addition, our surface finishes equip sanitary articles, containers, tubes and numerous other equipment in clinics with astonishing functional advantages. Everything with a view to sustainability, because our resource-saving processes enable the reduction of injection molding or glass.

Physical Solutions
Marking of Medical Devices
Microstructured Foils
Printing on Infusion Bags
Sensor Technology
Stamping & Seal Special Machine Construction
Stamping Technologies
Antiviral & anti᠆microbial Films for In-Mold-Decoration
Copy Protection
Digital Solutions
Copy Protection
Product Tracking
Product Information & Brand Protection

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Business Development
Medical Technology

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Thorsten Schaller

Technical Head
Medical Technology

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